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Dig up a new career
Michael Cleary
Michael's story

Following successful careers as an archaeologist and a civil servant, Michael wanted to follow a new path, one that one focused his analytical and logical ability into a new and challenging vocation.

Since completing our training course, Michael earned his place on our mentorship program and now works as a web developer at HandsHQ, a rails-backed start-up that provides legal documentation for contractors.

From Front Line Support To Front Line Development
Joe Dickinson
Joe's story

Having already acquired a strong technical background from working in front-line I.T. support, Joe wanted to supplement his knowledge with web development skills.

He previously studied Java at the Open University; but after he completed our training program, he earned his first web development position on our mentorship scheme. He now works on a service-orientated Ruby / Padrino project at HiHostels, a global hostel booking service.

The Database Admin who got creative
Jason Hooper
Jason's story

With a background as a VB developer, Jason wanted to return from database administration to what he did best: being creative with code. When the opportunity to re-skill arose, Jason sought a placement suitable to his experience level that was both challenging and engaging.

Following our web development training course, as a We Got Coders developer he writes his own full-stack web applications, built on his knowledge as a database administrator. He now works on a service-orientated Ruby / Padrino project at HiHostels.

The entrepreneur who turns ideas into web apps
Edgar Cumbreras
Edgar's story

After moving to the UK, Edgar successfully ran his own management consultancy for several years, whilst simultaneously studying for a multimedia degree. He moved into web development so that he could combine his entrepreneurial insight with his drive and creativity to solving real-world problems.

Through our training and mentoring program, Edgar found a web development role at SupaDupa.me, an e-commerce startup that provides boutique shop fronts to merchants. Now he works with test driven rails web applications to deliver features that directly contribute to his client's bottom line.

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